What is the difference between acrylic bottles and PET bottles?

If you want to use bottles for storing various types of products, you usually end up with acrylic or PET as the best options. But which is the right one for you? As you can imagine, it all comes down to a different variety of bottles and PET models that you need to take into consideration. Here are the ideas to focus on here.

PET bottles

Polyester bottles are good for liquid or beverage. They aren’t the best option for cosmetics every time, but a lot of manufacturers use them when they don’t have a negative impact on the product as a whole. PET can easily be manipulated into the desired shape, which is very important for keeping various kinds of products under control.

Barrel-Shaped Cosmetic Bottle and Jar


Also PET bottles don’t have a very high temperature resistance. They do handle cold pretty well, but the reality is that high temperatures are damaging for them. Which is why you may want to opt for acrylic bottles if you want something stored at a higher temperature.

Another thing to note here is that the pet bottles are usually with a single color. You will rarely find too many PET bottles that are colorful. At least if they are used for storage. The reason is simple, it’s a lot better to use this type of bottles naturally as you try to find the right option. The idea is to focus on results and value, and to always make sure that you adapt them to your own needs.

Acrylic bottles

These are very popular especially when it comes to storing powders and liquid cosmetics in particular. You can also use them for perfumes. The thing to note here is that the Acrylic bottles have a very slick surface. That will usually prevent the lotion from sticking to the sides of the inside of the bottle.

As a result, you will be able to transfer the interior of that bottle without that much of a problem. It’s a great thing to consider, especially when PET bottles don’t really provide you with that. Acrylic bottles are durable and they are inexpensive, if you compare them to glass in particular. The durability is what matters here. And the fact that you can store stuff even at a higher temperature without opting for expensive stuff like glass is very important.

The shape of Acrylic bottles will vary, but they usually tend to be either rectangular and tall. These Acrylic bottles usually have a plastic cap, just to make sure that all it’s good and ok in the end.

In conclusion, both of these bottle types are great for storage. But while some of them are mostly good for cosmetics, others like the PET bottles can be suitable for a wide range of products. You are free to choose which ones work for you and in the end the results you can get will be more than impressive. We do recommend you to purchase acrylic bottles for cosmetics, but for anything else the PET bottles will do just fine. Of course, each situation will come with a different requirement, so try to consider that.

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