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Process Involved in Cosmetic Bottle/Jar Manufacturing

Cosmetic bottles are known for the fact that they are very easy to use and they always retain the quality of every cosmetic product. But finding the right product that you can work on and which delivers outstanding value can be a bit tricky. Which is why it might be a good idea to learn more about the way cosmetic bottles are created, and the results can be extremely interesting in the end.


The materials used for cosmetic bottle manufacturing are basically 70% acrylic as well as a mixture of AS, aluminium, etc. The type of bottle you want to create will basically dictate what other materials you need to add here. But for the most part the results will be extremely impressive, so you should totally consider that. Recycled glass is another important ingredient, but its importance will differ based on what type of glass you create. If you opt for soda lime glass, this ingredient is pretty much a necessity.

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Cosmetic bottle/jar production methods

The blown glass is maybe one of the more popular methods. In the case of this method, you have multiple gobs of heated glass are put in the molding machine and there will be some cavities where the air is added inside in order to create the shape of that cosmetic bottle. The shape will be pre-determined beforehand. You have either the blow and blow process or you can use the press and blow process, which is better for the large diameter finish containers.

You can also go with the tubing glass process. This one is formed by a continual draw process. It helps achieve the desired thickness and diameter. Also, the glass needs to be drawn over support rollers and a drawing machine is involved too. The entire process is better and convenient and it totally brings in front amazing results.

Moreover, the cosmetic bottles created this way also need conditioning. They are loaded into an annealing lehr and the temperature is at around 1500F, and it will be reduced. The idea here is to eliminate the container stress and make sure that everything will be ok. If this process is not performed, the cosmetic bottles will shatter.

And then you can also go with a surface treatment and internal treatment. This differs based on what cosmetic bottle you want to create and the overall quality that you want to obtain from it. Quality inspections are pretty much a necessity here, but with the right approach you will actually have a great time figuring out how everything works and how you can adapt or adjust to suit your needs adequately.

As a whole, the entire process is not extremely complicated. But it’s very well put together to ensure that everything works the way you want. And it’s that sense of adaptability and quality that really helps a lot. It’s never going to be easy as you try to bring in front amazing benefits, and the outcome can be quite impressive if you do everything right!

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